The war begins…Weeping Sky (T.R.O.I, #4) Out Now!

Not read book 1? Click here to get it for FREE There’s more to fear in Theald than Oliver ever expected. Plunged into the fifth world of caged cities and ferocious creatures, Oliver and his friends are taken to the army base where plans are being laid to thwart the enemy. But when blood is […]

Here it is (*drumroll*)…the Prologue to Creeping Shadow (Book One in The Rise of Isaac Series)

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for (actually it’s the moment I’ve been fretting about and preparing for all day!) here is the prologue to Creeping Shadow. It’s 2261 words in length so grab a biscuit or a mcmuffin (or something of the equivalent) and pleeeeasseeee have a read! Everyone who does will win the […]

Coming soon (as in the next 24 hours soon!)…Creeping Shadow Prologue!

Was that chills running down your spine or are you reading this in a cold shower? Either way! I’m super super SUPER excited to be publishing the prologue of Creeping Shadow (Book One of The Rise of Isaac series) AND THAT’S NOT EVEN THE BEST PART! The best bit of all is that YOU guys […]

Update on my YA Fantasy Series: The Rise of Isaac

So I just finished the first draft of the third book in my series: The Rise of Isaac, Book Three: Turning Tide Eek! I’m so excited!  Its current word count is 81,900 words but I think it will be somewhere in the 90-100 thousand region when finished. As to the released date…I am planning on […]