This Sentence Has Five Words

So I came across this little piece of brilliance today and thought I’d share it with you:    What a simple, fantastic and clever way to show how sentence structure can alter the way a person feels when reading!  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the content of your writing (which of course is […]

A Good Night’s Sleep Can Make All the Difference

Last night I was struggling with my writing (I’ve now reached 56,163 words in the third book of my fantasy YA series! Woohoo!) but I came to a halt and couldn’t find my way forward. So I went to bed (my brain was pretty frazzled from a busy day!) and this morning a voila! The […]

Inspirational Quotes Just for You!

I have a little pinterest board devoted to inspiration quotes for writing (isn’t pinterest the greatest?).  Some days I just feel so hopeless about my work (I’ll never be published! No one will like my novels anyway! A slug could literally write better books! Why world why!? ) – these kinds of days are pretty […]

How to complete a novel in progress

First things first – DON’T GIVE UP! Full stop. Exclamation mark. Hashtag! If you’re reading my blog then you probably aren’t at the stage of giving up completely but I can imagine you teetering on a tightrope with your arms swinging wildly. So I say again don’t give up! Writing a novel is hard. If […]