One year into self-publishing – Advice, tips and tricks

First of all Happy New Year! 2016 was a very eventful year for lots of reasons from Britain leaving the EU, to saying goodbye to a whole host of famous faces, to Trump becoming president of the US (and much more!). I think it’s safe to say that 2017 is looking like it’s going to […]

Writing a blurb…..seriously sucks…

So I have spent many many hours trying to come up with the best blurb possible for my upcoming YA fantasy novel Creeping Shadow! And what have I learnt? Writing a blurb suckssss!! I can write thousands of words to make a novel but apparently summing it up in a few hundred is just anout […]

Conveying your Characters – Third Person Tips

So you have a fantastic character with all the flaws, traits and layers of an actual human being BUT (particularly when you’re writing third person) how do you get across who they really are? When I started writing I knew I had a tendancy to write third person but, in comparison to first person, it […]

Cover Reveal for Creeping Shadow

The moment has arrived! I’m extremely excited and proud to present to you the cover for Creeping Shadow (Book One in The Rise of Isaac Series) For those of you who don’t know… The Rise of Isaac is a five part series following the story of Oliver Knight on his quest through the seven worlds […]

How to Gain Interest in Your Blog

I’ve been asked to do a blog post on this to provide a little advice on how to get followers for your blog (I’m very flattered don’t you know!) So here goes! I think there are five main really important strategies to help gain interest in your blog and you need to be doing all […]

The Writer’s Slump

Writing takes a lot of time, concentration and an engaged mind but due to being human that just isn’t attainable 100% of the timeĀ – if only we could all be vampires! then we’d get a lot more done! Some days you’re just too tired, distracted, busy, or even just hung-over! And you can’t summon the […]

How to be a Successful Writer (Using the Hogwarts’ Houses Method)

Writing takes a combination of skill, determination and passion and I think this can be broken down using what I like to call the Hogwarts’ Houses Method (that’s right!) The first thing you need to be as you begin your writers journey is brave!   Yes! No writing will get done until you switch off […]

Guest Post: Rejection is coming…(and dragons…maybe)

Originally posted on Johnny Reads:
So for my first guest post in my blife (blogging life) I have decided to talk about rejection (Gasp!) No, wait! Keep reading! It’s not all that bad…..I promise! Rejection is inevitable as a writer…I’m sorry…it just is. Let’s all take a moment to deal with that, deep breath, and…

Getting Published is like Volunteering for the Hunger Games

Okay MAYBE I mean this more metaphorically than physically but, think of it this way:  you’re competing against a whole hoarde of other amazing writers, all of whom are at least equally good as you are and each of them have specific skill sets that are going to help them in the publishing world (just […]

This Sentence Has Five Words

So I came across this little piece of brilliance today and thought I’d share it with you:    What a simple, fantastic and clever way to show how sentence structure can alter the way a person feels when reading!  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the content of your writing (which of course is […]