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Check out the incredible list of spooky books now on sale for Halloween!

V Games (The Vampire Games Trilogy, Book 1)

by Caroline Peckham

In a place where polar night reigns for the next six months, a powerful and cruel family are about to start this year’s season of the V Games. Selena Grey is marked to participate in the blood sport, hunted by ravenous vampires and surviving the harsh terrain of the bleak island. And, not only that, but Selena just became the highest bid on contestant in a century…



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Something Chosen (Shadow Vampire Series, Book 1)

by Alex Owens



Death isn’t always the end… sometimes it’s only the beginning.

Claire’s trapped in a dead-end marriage, strapped for cash and getting desperate. Her chance at freedom comes in the form of a music con in Florida. Her mission? Win over a few big clients and collect a fat bonus check. It should have been easy, but Claire didn’t count on a bewitched violin, its sultry Italian owner, Bette, or her dark and dangerous companions.



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Vampire Royals 1: The Pageant

by Leigh Walker



Who’s the fairest of them all?

Young women from every settlement in the land are being handpicked to enter The Pageant, a contest reminiscent of Miss Universe from the old days. Gwyneth West’s social-climbing mother wants her to compete, but Gwyn isn’t so sure…



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Wolf Bound (The Alpha Legacy, Book 1)

by Holly Hook


A young woman with a need to protect.
A young man drawn to her acceptance.
A rival pack threatening to destroy all they love.

Loner, misfit, wild. Everything about Cayden should push me away. Deep down, I know the explanation for his graceful walk, his ability to fight off guys twice his size, and his amazing hearing. Especially when the wolves appear in the woods around town and a beautiful male shares Cayden’s dark hair, red highlights, and his wild, hazel eyes. I should fear him, but he draws me in. Until Cayden, no one else around me understood what it’s like to be radically different.

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Crooked Raven

by Talis Jones

talis jones


“Sometimes you must let go of who you were to
embrace what you could become.”
“And if that damns me to Hell?” she asked.
He smiled. “Then we shall meet again.”

There is an island that protects the young not because they are lost, but because they were taken. The Island of Oneiroi is not a mere destination for children and dreamers – it’s a sanctuary for the murdered and vengeance has come.

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The Connelly Boys (Celtic Witches, Book 1)

by Lily Velez



Witches, magic, mystery, and adventure. The Secret Circle meets Shadowhunters in this addictive new dark fantasy you won’t be able to put down! 

When 17-year-old Scarlet Monroe arrives to the sleepy seaport town of Rosalyn Bay, Ireland, the last thing she expects is to get tangled up in the dark and mysterious world of The Connelly Boys.


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Magic Bound: The Hybrid Trilogy (Complete Collection)

by G. K. DeRosa




Vampires are real. Monsters are real. And if I’m going to stay alive I’ll have to fight back, and fight hard.

NYC only allows the strong to survive, and since I was orphaned as a baby, hell yeah I’m strong. But this is different. After I meet Damian at the club and am unable to avoid his alluring stare, everything in my life changes.



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The Witch and The Vampire King (Immortal Love Series, Book 2)

by Anna Santos



Jessica is a young and powerful witch on a desperate mission to find her soul-mate—a hot vampire king who haunts her dreams with steamy memories of their blissful past life. The problem is that he could already be dead. To complicate matters further, a psychotic vampire is after her.




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Scarab: Falling Through Time (The Scarab Series, Book 1)

by Helen Allan



Ancient Mystery – Timeless Love

An Eternity as an immortal in slavery was not what she had in mind!
Desperate and alone, sixteen-year-old Megan uses a powerful and ancient talisman to escape modern-day life and make a new start in ancient Egypt. But powerful enemies lie in wait, seeking her destruction and the magical scarab necklace she wields.


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Blood in Iron (The Iron Series, Book 1)

by J. N. Colon



Demons, demigods, and the one girl who could stop the darkness. Or bring it…

Kory has never been afraid to walk down a dark street at night for two reasons. One, she can see the bad guys skulking in the shadows, hear their footsteps as they approach, feel their presence closing in. And two, on any given day or night she’s more dangerous than them. Or so she thought.


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Shadow of The Dream Riders

by Lynda Mangoro



The dream riders are growing accustomed to their extrasensory gifts, but surely there’s more to having superpowers than just fun and games? When Lauren meets brooding dream rider Ryan, she is flattered into using her time travelling powers to make a difference in the world, but when she finds herself thrust into a dark world of crime and revenge, she starts to wonder if maybe everything isn’t quite what it seems.


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