What if Harry Potter Characters Texted? 😂😂😂

So I stumbled across these hilarious texts between Harry Potter characters on pinterest and I just had to share them! Enjoy!                The Draco to Dobby one got me so bad haha!

The Reading Habits Tag

Thank you Aura Willow for tagging me! Check out her blog it’s great! So here goes… 1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? I either read in bed or on my spot on the sofa by the window – but I can pretty much read anywhere! I completed the maze runner […]

Five Symptoms of Writer’s Syndrome

Think you’ve come down with a bad case of Writer’s Syndrome? Check out these five signs that’ll help you diagnose yourself…. 1) Do you fantasize about writing?  About what your characters could get up, about their pasts and futures, love interests and enemies? Do you gaze off into the distance with an evil smile on […]

Writing a blurb…..seriously sucks…

So I have spent many many hours trying to come up with the best blurb possible for my upcoming YA fantasy novel Creeping Shadow! And what have I learnt? Writing a blurb suckssss!! I can write thousands of words to make a novel but apparently summing it up in a few hundred is just anout […]

Characters You Wanted to Get Together But Didn’t (Anti-Spoiler Alert!)

I don’t know about you but there are a few relationships in books that never worked out the way I wanted them to. Maybe I just imagined the connections I saw or maybe they really existed but the author never followed them through – who knows? Anyways here’s my top four. I’m gonna focus on […]

The Freestyle Writing Challenge (Challenge accepted….)

Thanks to Candice for nominating me for this fun challenge! Check out her blog she’s a fantastic writer and you’ll love her posts – don’t pass her by!  So – what’s the challenge I hear you cry? Here’s the rules… Rules of the Challenge: 1. Open a blank document. 2. Set a stop watch or […]

Inspired by the freedom of a limitless imagination (as we all should be)

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If Caroline Peckham were a character in her own young adult fantasy stories, she might just steal the show. This talented author is vibrant, active, and also very funny. Case in point: she asserts that her hometown, “the most quaint, quintessentially English town you could ever imagine” (Kent,…