How to Gain Interest in Your Blog

I’ve been asked to do a blog post on this to provide a little advice on how to get followers for your blog (I’m very flattered don’t you know!) So here goes! I think there are five main really important strategies to help gain interest in your blog and you need to be doing all […]

The Would You Rather Book Tag

I’ve been tagged in the would you rather book tag! Thanks so much to lovingyoochun for tagging me whose blog you can find here: Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones? Trilogies! I find a standalone leaves me wanting. One book just doesn’t quite have enough platform to get me truly […]

The Writer’s Slump

Writing takes a lot of time, concentration and an engaged mind but due to being human that just isn’t attainable 100% of the timeĀ – if only we could all be vampires! then we’d get a lot more done! Some days you’re just too tired, distracted, busy, or even just hung-over! And you can’t summon the […]

Naming Your Novel (What Really works? And Does it Even Matter?)

I think novel names are either intuitive (spring into your mind in a eureka moment!) or depressingly hard to come up with… Thinking through some names that I love I think that best ones somehow sum up exactly what the book is about with just a few words. Take A Game of Thrones for example […]

How to be a Successful Writer (Using the Hogwarts’ Houses Method)

Writing takes a combination of skill, determination and passion and I think this can be broken down using what I like to call the Hogwarts’ Houses Method (that’s right!) The first thing you need to be as you begin your writers journey is brave!   Yes! No writing will get done until you switch off […]

Guest Post: Rejection is coming…(and dragons…maybe)

Originally posted on Johnny Reads:
So for my first guest post in my blife (blogging life) I have decided to talk about rejection (Gasp!) No, wait! Keep reading! It’s not all that bad…..I promise! Rejection is inevitable as a writer…I’m sorry…it just is. Let’s all take a moment to deal with that, deep breath, and…

Update on my YA Fantasy Series: The Rise of Isaac

So I just finished the first draft of the third book in my series: The Rise of Isaac, Book Three: Turning Tide Eek! I’m so excited!  Its current word count is 81,900 words but I think it will be somewhere in the 90-100 thousand region when finished. As to the released date…I am planning on […]

Is Writing Addictive? (I ask as I’m writing away like a crazed maniac…)

As I begin writing this I’m literally starving.  But before breakfast I wanted to get this blog post up because it’s been whizzing around my mind before I went to sleep last night and in the few seconds after I woke up today (okay I had a lie-in don’t judge me!)  So yes, I am […]