A Good Night’s Sleep Can Make All the Difference

Last night I was struggling with my writing (I’ve now reached 56,163 words in the third book of my fantasy YA series! Woohoo!) but I came to a halt and couldn’t find my way forward. So I went to bed (my brain was pretty frazzled from a busy day!) and this morning a voila! The problem I was struggling with had somehow been worked out in my mind.

Perhaps it was just getting a little persepective, or maybe it was just a well rested brain that was ultimately the key but either way a good night’s sleep can make all the difference!
What helps you when you get stuck writing?
Thanks for reading! 

10 thoughts on “A Good Night’s Sleep Can Make All the Difference

  1. Sleep and dreams are so good for that. I often feel the way you did. But a good night’s sleep is usually the cure. Or a quick chat with a trusted editor/beta-reader/writing buddy. That usually helps, too.

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  2. I admire anyone who can write or even start a book. I don’t have that kind of imagination. You should use amazon self publisher to sell your finished work!

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