I Just Got Nominated for the Encouraging Thunder Award! – (and I’m feeling pretty damn smug about it!)

  Firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Erich Michaels for nominating me for this award!!  You can find his blog here:  https://erichmichaels.wordpress.com  (Definately spare a second to check it out! His writing is wonderful here’s one of his poems called Frost Shadows: The sun’s rays have crested the horizon My love […]

Getting Published is like Volunteering for the Hunger Games

Okay MAYBE I mean this more metaphorically than physically but, think of it this way:  you’re competing against a whole hoarde of other amazing writers, all of whom are at least equally good as you are and each of them have specific skill sets that are going to help them in the publishing world (just […]

Imagination Vs Reality

   I am a shameless daydreamer, book reader, and story maker-upper and I need my fix of escapism to get me through the day! I had a thought when I was writing this morning – how strange is it that all of these characters are just coming out of my head? Imagination is a strange […]

This Sentence Has Five Words

So I came across this little piece of brilliance today and thought I’d share it with you:    What a simple, fantastic and clever way to show how sentence structure can alter the way a person feels when reading!  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the content of your writing (which of course is […]

A Good Night’s Sleep Can Make All the Difference

Last night I was struggling with my writing (I’ve now reached 56,163 words in the third book of my fantasy YA series! Woohoo!) but I came to a halt and couldn’t find my way forward. So I went to bed (my brain was pretty frazzled from a busy day!) and this morning a voila! The […]

Inspirational Quotes Just for You!

I have a little pinterest board devoted to inspiration quotes for writing (isn’t pinterest the greatest?).  Some days I just feel so hopeless about my work (I’ll never be published! No one will like my novels anyway! A slug could literally write better books! Why world why!? ) – these kinds of days are pretty […]

Today I Have a Little Helper…

   This is Ozzy the tiny German Spitz! He’s been curled up on my lap while I’ve been writing on my ipad today. I have now reached 42,937 words in the third book of my upcoming YA fantasy series: The Rise of Isaac. Yay! (Is this due to Ozzy’s presence? Maybe! Maybe he’s the source […]

How to Make Time for Writing

So everyone has their own techniques when it comes to making time to write. Writing is time consuming, that’s a given! So how do you make time to write a novel that’s 70,000 words plus! (That’s a lot of words!) Some people have daily or weekly writing goals. For example 1000 words a day, that’s […]